Hey, I'm Hong Yi.

I build products for the web.
I'm passionate about
development, design and
creating great user experiences.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Hong Yi.

Hey! 👋 I'm a Computer Science & Business Double Degree student at the University of Waterloo & Wilfrid Laurier University. Recently, I worked on front-end development at RBC and Logics Academy.

Growing up, I’ve always asked myself “How can I make the most impact?”. As a child of immigrants and a product of a supportive community of mentors, I’ve been fortunate to grow up with certain opportunities. I see this as a duty; a personal mission to create that same experience for those around me and create a better world for everyone — through my passions in business and computer science. I hope to build products and experiences to redefine the limits of technology and positively impact people.

In the past, I've launched a data science youth talent recruitment platform, an environmental lifestyle brand, and a streetwear collective that supports the community.

Here's my resume, and here's some stuff not on my resume:

🏸 I enjoy playing badminton and intraumural ultimate frisbee
📸 I dabble in photography (hit me up for a headshot)
🍜 I'm a self-proclaimed ramen and noodle connoisseur
📚 I enjoy reading non-fiction; currently reading Start With Why - Simon Sinek
🦆 I can make highly realistic duck noises with my mouth

Works and Experiences

Check out some of my latest works.


Head of Product and Design at, a technical screening platform for data scientists.

In charge of the design and development team responsible for Our team also hosted the first high-school run datathon for over 100 participants. More can be found out here.

Logics Academy Web Developer Intern

Junior Web Developer focusing on redesigning product pages and e-commerce store.

As a web developer intern, I utilized HTML/CSS/JS, bootstrap, react and wordpress plugins to improve various pages. More can be found here.


DECA International Career Development Conference Top 10 Finalist in Writtens and Trainer of St. Robert CHS Chapter.

My writtens team: Benjamin Ma, Eric Peng, and I as we are awarded Top 10 Internationally (out of thousands of teams) in the DECA category of Learn and Earn Project in Atlanta, Georgia. We represented team DECA Ontario.

RBC Intrapreneurship and Innovation Intern

SHAD Intern forcusing on communications and UI/UX design.

During the summer of 2017, I had the priviledge of working on the Intrapreneurship and Innovation team at RBC as an intrapreneurship and design intern.


HOSA International Leadership Conference 3rd Place in Creative Problem Solving and Co-President of St. Robert CHS Chapter.

My event team: Jalena Lee, Forrest Fan, and I after we were awarded 3rd place Internationally (out of thousands of teams) in the HOSA Category of Creative Problem Solving in Dallas, Texas. We represented team HOSA Canada.
More about my experience can be found here (around the 45 seconds mark).

Greenback Co.

CEO and Founder of Greenback co., a lifestyle brand focusing on sustainable products.

The Greenback Co team: highschool students from York Region creating an environmentally sustainable and technology oriented lifestyle products. I led a team of 25 individuals in creating innovative change in our community.
More about my experience can be found here.

Cogito Apparel

Vice President of Production and Founder for Cogito Apparel, a youth streetwear brand focused on youth empowerment.

The Cogito Apparel team: highschool students from York Region creating a streetwear line of apparel that seeks to promote youth-empowerment and encouragement. I led a team of 10 individuals in volunteer work, production of apparel, and event coordination.
More about my experience can be found here.

Junior Achievement Company Program

Brand ambassador focusing on outreach and engagement.

The St. Robert CHS Junior Achievement club: 3 presidents at 3 different JA companies and 9 executives at 9 different JA companies. I launched the club to promote Junior Achievement, engage students in youth entrepreneurship, and provide them with resources for success.

QHacks 2018 Hackers

Attended QHacks 2018. Utilized Machine Learning & Natural Language to build a chrome-extension summarizer.

Hacker at QHacks 2018 at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Created a machine learning chrome-extension that utilizes the Natural Language Tool-kit to read any article, and summarize it into 5 simple sentences for efficient web-browsing.
More about my experience can be found here.

MHacks 2017 Hackers

First hackathon experience. Utilized Twilio and MixMax API's to build gmail to text in real time plugin.

Hacker at MHacks 2017 at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Created a gmail plugin that sends all of your emails to you as a text message seamlessly using Twilio and MixMax API's.
More about my experience can be found here.

SHAD Queen's 2017 Fellow

Attended SHAD Queen's in July 2017. Launched FootFall and was selected out of 36 teams as the best entrepreneurial venture (wildcard).

SHAD Fellow from SHAD Queen's 2017. As apart of the program, I met 56 of Canada's best and brightest individuals, ultimately launching Greenscape and FootFall Tiles as two entrepreneurial ventures. FootFall was selected as the top team out of 36 teams to represent SHAD as a wildcard team at the prestigous SHAD cup.
More about my experience can be found here.

Meeting with Michele Romanow

Had the amazing opportunity to discuss entrepeneurship and innovation with Michele Romanow, a serial entrepreneur from Dragon's Den.

I had the amazing opportunity to discuss entrerpneurship and innovation with Michele Romanow, a serial entrepreneur from Dragon's Den.
More about my experience can be found here.

SAGE Entrepreneur

Attended SAGE Entrepreneurial conference as apart of SalesWizard and RedReach team. Awarded best start-up with SalesWizard.

For 2 years in a row, I attended the SAGE entpreneurial conference with Lucas Gordon and Luke Edward, two of my fellow entrepreneurial peers. In my first year, we were awarded best start-up for our team SalesWizard. We represented RedReach in our second year.

FuturFund Pitch Competition

Selected as Top 5 pitches at FuturFund Pitch Competition 2017 as the only highschool team.

At the FuturFund Financial Literacy Pitch competition, my team was selected as one of the top 5 finalists as the only highschool team to create an innovative, financially effective plan.

Photography Enthusiast

Shoots camera & video with Canon T6i & 50 MM lens.

Capturing moments and experiences have always been a hobby of mine. A dedicated photography page will be coming soon.

Junior Achievement's Governor's Dinner.

Speaker and Award Recipient of Tangerine Financial Literacy Month Contest.

I created a short for the Tangerine Financial Literacy Month Video, in which I was selected as the winner and had the priviledge to speak in front of business professionals at Junior Achievement's Governor's Dinner.
More about my experience can be found here.